30 August 2009

State park visit with the babies

I think this is a fitting first photo for my new blog. My baby girl is fearless. She wants to know about everything around her. We go to the beach and I only see the back of her head, because she's off and running or waddling-as toddlers do. Her first word was...that? She wants to know.. "wat is taht?" Taht? With finger pointed at whatever she is looking at,which sometimes I'm not so sure if I'm seeing the same thing. She'll probably think the word for lamp is "door" for the first few years of her life. Who knows??

As you can see in this photo, I'm not so sure if she is pointing at the trees, a bird, the sky or an angel.

Her other half, my son the twin, just learned how to shake his head no, while throwing food all around the kitchen. Everything now is "shake head NO and laugh out loud" Totally mocking my authority while being so obvious about it. With her fearlessness and his so..in your face...NO...I'm in big trouble. NO not "double trouble" how many times have I heard that?? It's all so funny, but not if you haven't had more than two hours of sleep in a row for over a year. Some days, I'm so sleep deprived I throw the dirty diapers into the laundry basket...not so fun when you take the laundry out of the washer-but WOW those things are absorbent-they are gigantic after going through the wash.

Well, enough about surviving twins... Onto the real reason for my blog--my photography. I just changed my name to LadyBirdBlue from EyeofthePeacock. Mainly because, I guess.. as you get older, you change, and the Peacock was more of who I was in my 20's-a Gypsy girl traveling and experiencing the world...staying at youth hostels and taking photographs. Now I'm a LadyBirdBlue. I'm a stay at home mom and my main purpose is raising my babies. Wow, I'll tell you though...what a HARD transition! But, back to photography--

LadyBirdBlue. LadyBird because I have wonderful memories of my mother and I in Ireland, at the Dublin train station reading LadyBird books. Which-by the way- are the greatest children's books ever!!! Blue because it's a peaceful color and it calms me. Plus I just happened to call my baby girl LadyBirdBlue today...when I was trying to come up with a new name. I like the sound of it:)

So here it is, a new blog featuring my photography, possibly other artwork I do--if I can find the time- and comments about raising twins and motherhood in general.

It should be fun.

And if I get some work from it, AWESOME!!

I photograph weddings, senior high school portraits, engagement announcements , mother to be and newborn portraits. If you have any questions or comments, please send me an email.

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