31 October 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween to everyone!!  What a beautiful day!  Crazy weather, it was almost too hot for the babies to be in their costumes!   Took them around the street in their wagon.  They weren't too impressed yet.  Next year will be more fun for them.  They just looked so cute though!!  My daughter is a total ham...I couldn't believe she was actually posing for me!!.....I had a smile and everything.  My son did pretty good too!  Despite the poor little guy never gets any sleep:(  We figured out he might have to get ear tubes......at least now we know why he is up so much.  But, he just started walking, which is AWesome!!!

Well, no really great coupon deals this week....I've just been too tired to put in the energy:(  Any extra time has been spent trying to catch up on household stuff....

So, on to the next holiday....the winter can be exhausting sometimes.....it's just one holiday after another.
Next is turkey day....

Wish I had time to do some of my artwork to post on here.  But, hanging out with my babies is so much more fun.....and pretty soon they will off in school and I'll be missing them like crazy....God I can't even think about that...it makes me sad and scared, I don't want them to go to school...or anywhere--I want them to always be with me..where I know they are safe!!!!

There she goes again!!!  She's always trying to escape:)

24 October 2009

Wedding Photographs

I thought I'd post some of my wedding photography.  That way until I have my website up and running I can use this blog as my portfolio.

Well, my son started walking 3 days ago!!! How exciting!  We thought he was going to be walking on his knees forever.  He looks very cute while doing it, but his poor knees are so red:(
I think.... it's all their interaction with other children lately.  We have had a few playgroups and he's anxious to get up and go!  That way he can run away from other kids, when he steals their toys:)

So, I found this other cool website...called Swaptree...You can swap books, dvds and music.  You just pay the shipping.  I have listed all of my "wants"....but none of the "haves" yet...so I haven't done any swapping.  I'll let you know.

And I just discovered Matilda Jane.....so cute!  Look at all these photos..I love them!!  I love the style!  I really have to start working at my sewing machine...I would love to make some childrens clothing...Hats too!!
I absolutely love the ruffles on the pants!  Is it wrong that I wish they made little girls clothing in my size???  I just love all patterns and bright colors.   I use to have pink light up sneakers from Sugar, only a few years back!...The kids at the daycare where I worked loved them:)  They thought I was the coolest Pre-K teacher ever!  I have to find another pair of those!!!

So, does anyone else like ETSY????  I could stay on that website for hours!.......it's just awesome!  All handmade art/crafts...everything you could imagine.  And all the beautiful bags!  And Amy Butler fabric--luv that too:)  If anyone is thinking a Christmas gift for me--Amy Butler fabric off of ebay...is a cheap and easy gift:)...or a spa vacation in Sicily???

Well,,....it's off to bed for this tired Mama.
Peace to everyone on this rainy eve:)

14 October 2009

Anyhow, here we are at the park again.   We love coming here and watching all the people/dogs and horses go by:)
With the upcoming season starting....baking becomes a necessity:)
Here is a cool baking website/blog you have to check out!  She is called bakerella--check out this pumpkin pie bite recipe--ohhhhh so good.  Can't wait to check it out around Turkey day:)

Also, MoneySavingMom-- a pretty cool website all about the coupon thing.  I've been doing great figuring out all the deals, but WOW--it's a lot of work!! Between cutting everything and organizing it....and planning the grocery list.  I have no time for anything else!  But it's worth it.  I bought $80 worth of stuff in CVS the other day for $15bucks!!! Yep, 3 packs of diapers/baby motrin/tylenol/poland springs water...tylenol for me..pretty cool:)

Just going through my cool website list.
Here is one--Hidden Door--they make hidden doors in your house...AWESOME!!! I so wish I could hire them!!!  I want a secret passage..like you wouldn't even believe.  I always wanted a wardrobe, like in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe!!  And this would be super-cool----someday I WILL have one:)
And here is a Polaroid website..in French.  But, I love French and Polaroid...so it's a great combination!!!

Polaroid transfers and emulsion lifts have always been my thing....I'll have to scan some in and post them!  They are so beautiful!! They look like paintings!  AHH I just love that style....Can't wait until I can get some studio time to get some done....I have way to many to catch up on!

Well...time to get some sleep:)
Hopefully, if the stars all align and no one is sick--a kids Halloween party on Friday.
My daughter will be a flower and my son a dragon:)
Bought them 2nd hand...so not much creativity this year.  Can't wait till I have the time to make them.  2 little ladybirds...one red and one blue:)  My 2 little ladybirds....luv them!!!!!

30 September 2009

Coupons and Free Stuff!!

I've gone full force into coupon-mode!!  I have joined groups/ websites..forums...anyplace possible to get a coupon or two for diapers...wipes....food...toiletries....cleaning supplies... etc..you name it, By the end of the month, I should have a coupon for anything and everything we need...plus some left over.
Thank you to a good friend, letting me in on a few secrets...I did pretty well today-my first day:)
I bought about $50.00 worth of stuff for $25.00, including toilet paper/diapers/dishwashing soap/laundry detergent/shampoo/razors--2 free packs of batteries and hair dye for me:)  and I have $12 in cvs bucks....so I think I did pretty well for the first time around....but MAN--alot of work, between scanning websites, printing coupons, checking out flyers..dragging two beautiful babies around finding the exact stuff on the coupons... and then wrapping my sleepy head around the math part....hummmm...I'd still say it's worth it.  A little effort can get you a long way--and I'm committed to saving!! 
Hopefully I will be able to keep up with it:)

Another cool thing I've been doing lately-I've joined a local Mom's group, which is another awesome way to connect and network.  They have classifieds, playgroups, ideas, recipes, exercise advise....everything--I'm pretty excited!
I found my son's first walking shoes for $20.00 today--See Kai Run shoes--brand new in his size--didn't fit the previous owner anymore:)..but never worn....And they are sooooo cute-little bowling shoes.  Usually they are like 40 bucks--

Here are a few cute photos from a recent park adventure!! They are just getting more fun every day:)   They interact so much more now...giggling and tickling each other, and smiling all the time.  I thank God everyday for my two wonderful gifts!  And thank you MUM:)

23 September 2009

Climbing?? OHHH NO:)

Well, I'm officially in trouble--my little girl has figured out how to climb..I guess this is only the beginning!!  She started with one leg up on a plastic tub...and then pulled herself up with one hand reaching over the side.  She is soooo cute!! and so smart!!  I think all mothers think their babies are the smartest,cutest and most talented--but its sooo true:) ALL babies are the cutest and the smartest!-especially mine:)
My twins are really starting to have fun with each other too.  It is such a trip to watch them interact.  When they first see each other in the morning....they just smile and giggle and peek at each other.  Now they are doing it at nap time too, which is awesome to listen to them giggle at one another from their cribs...but not so good..when they are cranky because of the no nap.   But, I'm so glad they have each other and will have a playmate all the time:)
Here's something new.....I'm starting to make scrapbooks as well as photography.  I will take all your photos--of your children/family and/or you and make a special one of a kind scrapbook.  I'm sure there are tons of Moms out there..that have boxes of photographs--meaning to put them in albums., but never get around to it.  I'll do all the work for you!!  I will be charging a set fee, depending on the amount of pages in the scapbook.  I have some for you to choose from/different sizes and colors....or you can pick your own.  Let me know if you are interested by email at ladybirdbluephotography@gmail.com and we can talk over rates and ideas!  I'm pretty excited about this....I love photography and doing anything creative is my forte-so-it should be alot of fun! Plus I love looking at photographs and getting a sence of a person's history--family history has always been a hobby of mine.  Ohh yeah that reminds me...check out this website if you have ancesters from Ireland--http://www.nationalarchives.ie/--this is the irish census of 1911---it is so cool, I've found great grandparents and there family-it lists who was living there...how many children...the ages ..and even how many rooms they lived in and how many windows to the front (odd...but interesting).

20 September 2009

Back to Work

Well, my family visit has ended.  Sadly, my aunt has flown back to Ireland.  She left on Friday, my Mum's Birthday-- My Mum would have been 62 this year...strange..how she will always stay young in my mind....never to become the "grandmother" figure---always the young and fun Mom--that is the image I'll always have:)--Which is kindof cool...if you knew my Mom--that is the one thing about her--she was FUN!
On to a more up beat topic.....shopping:)
Well, just in case you're all wondering where I've been for the past week....we've been checking out the sites..ie: shopping....shopping and ....more shopping:)  Ohhhh how the Irish love to shop:)  wink, wink to all my Irish peeps out there.  Can't help it with everything being WAY cheaper over here..now that the dollar is in the toilette.  Well, whatever goes down must go back up? Right?  I am a total optomist.  It just can't stay down.   Change is the way of life.
Ohhh how I love shopping...though....and just wish I had millions of dollars and could shop freely all the time!
Unfortunetly, shopping for myself has become a thing of the past.  A no longer....
Diapers, baby stuff have become the extent of my list.   I'm ashamed to say, I'm still wearing clothes from my pregnancy....yes...maternity stuff.  Granted....I'm WAY more Mama..than I used to be.  But, I just would not look good in the clothes I would want to wear.
But, I know I will get back to that point.  I always do.  I've been up and down with weight my whole life...
Adjusting to motherhood has set me back a little.  The whole transition, without having my Mum around and having two-no sleeping cutie pies- was very hard.

Here are a few more photos from my portfolio archives:)

Finally, I feel like I'm settling into the routine.  Slowly but surely getting to know "me" again.  Getting to know the me I have become after having children.  It's a totally different person.-you wouldn't think so, but for me-it is..and its taking a while...to try to find my rhythm.

11 September 2009

Here is some of my travel photography...It's been a crazy week..The babies are teething like you read about and I'm totally exhausted!!! Up every 2 hours is not a fun experience.....I hope to have some more fun adventures and photos posted over the weekend, but here are a few from adventure past...