20 September 2009

Back to Work

Well, my family visit has ended.  Sadly, my aunt has flown back to Ireland.  She left on Friday, my Mum's Birthday-- My Mum would have been 62 this year...strange..how she will always stay young in my mind....never to become the "grandmother" figure---always the young and fun Mom--that is the image I'll always have:)--Which is kindof cool...if you knew my Mom--that is the one thing about her--she was FUN!
On to a more up beat topic.....shopping:)
Well, just in case you're all wondering where I've been for the past week....we've been checking out the sites..ie: shopping....shopping and ....more shopping:)  Ohhhh how the Irish love to shop:)  wink, wink to all my Irish peeps out there.  Can't help it with everything being WAY cheaper over here..now that the dollar is in the toilette.  Well, whatever goes down must go back up? Right?  I am a total optomist.  It just can't stay down.   Change is the way of life.
Ohhh how I love shopping...though....and just wish I had millions of dollars and could shop freely all the time!
Unfortunetly, shopping for myself has become a thing of the past.  A no longer....
Diapers, baby stuff have become the extent of my list.   I'm ashamed to say, I'm still wearing clothes from my pregnancy....yes...maternity stuff.  Granted....I'm WAY more Mama..than I used to be.  But, I just would not look good in the clothes I would want to wear.
But, I know I will get back to that point.  I always do.  I've been up and down with weight my whole life...
Adjusting to motherhood has set me back a little.  The whole transition, without having my Mum around and having two-no sleeping cutie pies- was very hard.

Here are a few more photos from my portfolio archives:)

Finally, I feel like I'm settling into the routine.  Slowly but surely getting to know "me" again.  Getting to know the me I have become after having children.  It's a totally different person.-you wouldn't think so, but for me-it is..and its taking a while...to try to find my rhythm.

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  1. I love the photos! Wonderful style! I would have liked to see titles for each, like where it is taken, or what you were trying to express. I always fi nd that interesting.