05 September 2009

In Search of Inspiration

Yesterday, we went for a nice drive...in search of inspiration. Unfortunately, we found potential, I guess , a few..."okay" things, but, not the BIG BANG of inspiration I was hoping for. I went down roads I've never gone, looking for, searching for... something to jump start my mood. Something I haven't seen before. Something new for my lens.. I was hoping to come upon a wonderful find, but it just wasn't in the stars. Or should I say Moon? Come to find out later...it was a full one yesterday...no wonder why we were all cranky:)

I followed a sign for an herb farm and basically it was someones house with another sign that said "wander at your leisure" - which is great- but I'm not going to take 2 babies out of car seats, strap them in the stroller...to wander around someone else's yard. Not to mention, not a happy day for the babies! They hated being in the car....and stroller:(...driving with 2 unhappy(screaming) babies, and no where to pull over, has got to be THE most stressful experience on earth.
We did find a state park, but no place to walk with a stroller.....I did come across some potential adventures- though--a lighthouse search??

There are so many around this area. I think we are going to start up a little tour of lighthouses, a photographic exploration of the lighthouse:)...I've always thought they were magical. And what history....beautiful stories to tell....I love tales of the sea. The ones that are on small islands with just the ocean around them---ummm----very scary!!

There is a posting on Boston.com, which has a photo listing of all the ones in New England. I'll post it, once I can find the link....and there is a website too...I think it's all the Maine ones.
Here are some of the photos I took anyhow. The tree one is cool. Trees are my "old faithful". They always come out nice. I'm such a tree hugger:) I was alone alot when I was a kid, and I loved playing in the woods. I would just wander around talking to the trees and making forts next to them with twigs and leaves. I actually remember giving them hugs:) I told you--I am a tree hugger!
And, of course..I found some SanPellegrino aranciata--my favorite!! It has such the perfect amount of bubbles! I love everything ITALIAN:)
Now it's time for a shower, feed the babies lunch and then off to the Topsfield Art Fair. I am bound to find inspiration there!!!
Lots of fun things to do this Labor Day weekend...plus ITS MY BIRTHDAY:)
Plus...so many projects, so little time. I have to finish up some quilts--I just HAVE to.....I'll post some photos of the "work in progress"..later this week.---they have been hanging around for way too long. Then, a logo for my new name--LadyBirdBlue. And I've been working on some baby letters-hopefully my babies won't be adults, when I finally finish those:)
Wish I had an art studio!! Maybe some day....Another dream..another day:)
Ciao for now.

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