23 September 2009

Climbing?? OHHH NO:)

Well, I'm officially in trouble--my little girl has figured out how to climb..I guess this is only the beginning!!  She started with one leg up on a plastic tub...and then pulled herself up with one hand reaching over the side.  She is soooo cute!! and so smart!!  I think all mothers think their babies are the smartest,cutest and most talented--but its sooo true:) ALL babies are the cutest and the smartest!-especially mine:)
My twins are really starting to have fun with each other too.  It is such a trip to watch them interact.  When they first see each other in the morning....they just smile and giggle and peek at each other.  Now they are doing it at nap time too, which is awesome to listen to them giggle at one another from their cribs...but not so good..when they are cranky because of the no nap.   But, I'm so glad they have each other and will have a playmate all the time:)
Here's something new.....I'm starting to make scrapbooks as well as photography.  I will take all your photos--of your children/family and/or you and make a special one of a kind scrapbook.  I'm sure there are tons of Moms out there..that have boxes of photographs--meaning to put them in albums., but never get around to it.  I'll do all the work for you!!  I will be charging a set fee, depending on the amount of pages in the scapbook.  I have some for you to choose from/different sizes and colors....or you can pick your own.  Let me know if you are interested by email at ladybirdbluephotography@gmail.com and we can talk over rates and ideas!  I'm pretty excited about this....I love photography and doing anything creative is my forte-so-it should be alot of fun! Plus I love looking at photographs and getting a sence of a person's history--family history has always been a hobby of mine.  Ohh yeah that reminds me...check out this website if you have ancesters from Ireland--http://www.nationalarchives.ie/--this is the irish census of 1911---it is so cool, I've found great grandparents and there family-it lists who was living there...how many children...the ages ..and even how many rooms they lived in and how many windows to the front (odd...but interesting).

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  1. I never thought about twins, but when I have read your post... I think it must be great and different...and great again:)
    Have a nice day and your children too:)