06 September 2009

Here are a few links, while I've found them.

The lighthouses in NE--amesome! Can't wait to start my exploration!!
And--of course the twin lights on Thacher Island-can't wait...would love to go now--but don't think it would be safe for me w/ 2 babes in a small boat??

Beautiful artwork-Twinkle Star Art--I just love it!! And one of her favorite things IS the movie Amelie--which is one of my all time favs too! If you haven't seen it--find it--ASAP! There was a time in my life when I was Amelie, I even had the same haircut to boot--I'll have to post a few of those photos some time in the future:) French was my major in college, and at that time--I was very French-chic. Uhhhmmmm- "heavy sigh-insert here"-remembering the days when I was chic..very chic--I was at one point a very cool cat:) and not a frumpy-mummy.

Japanese fabric and craft supplies--I love Japanese artwork-especially ArtNouveau Japonisme-check out this blog too!!

And a cool recipe fro Lavender Biscotti!--Haven't made it yet, waiting for a trip to a lavender farm to get some fresh-first. But if anyone makes it--let me know:)

And here are a few of my photos...the first one is from upstate NY...home to my babies' Daddy--we'll call him "BD"..the second one is a local house--i love the shadows:) and the 3rd is a daisy plant my BD gave me for Momma's Day--in the shape of a heart--also a favorite thing of mine--I'll tell you that story some other day!
Gotta go...baby1 is up and talkin'

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