31 August 2009

A visit to the local apple orchard

We went to the local apple orchard today. I always have such a great time there!!. I just love farms. I've been going since I was pregnant with the babies and now it's turned into a sort of ritual-thing for me. Every season I go and take photographs of the trees and flowers and now the babies too.

And the cool thing is....I might even have a job there. Just part time-as a tour guide--HOW Awesome is taht???!! That means I get to learn all about the apple trees and peach trees and strawberries and raspberries and blueberries....pumpkins and honey bees and hayrides. I am just SOOOOO excited:) And I get to teach all the little kids coming on tours..the stuff that I learn. PLUS...I'll be outside when I'm there and walking all over- so maybe I'll finally loose some of the "after babyX2" fat. AND..not to mention-all of the cool photographs I will see-behind the scenes:)

It really was such a great day!! I took loads of photographs of Sunflowers-yahay! (Besides Lavender-Sunflowers are my favorite!-Travelling to the south of France ruined me that way-all of my favorite things stem from that grande adventure)

So cute were my babies too:)--Once again my little girl was off and running.....She went right for the low down apples trying to pull them off.

Her brother was just confused...whenever he goes someplace new..it takes him a bit to adjust:) especially with all the thick grass and overload of stuff to look at.
I can't wait to go back! And if I get to work there...humm...even better:) To be surrounded by all that beauty while you are working=Awesome. I'll miss my babies like crazy but, they need diapers:)
September is a great month for photographs...especially in this area!!
Plus all kinds of craft fairs..should be a productive time for traveling three:)


  1. Love your blog, photographs and writing style! All so lovely. Good luck with the new adventure!