24 October 2009

Wedding Photographs

I thought I'd post some of my wedding photography.  That way until I have my website up and running I can use this blog as my portfolio.

Well, my son started walking 3 days ago!!! How exciting!  We thought he was going to be walking on his knees forever.  He looks very cute while doing it, but his poor knees are so red:(
I think.... it's all their interaction with other children lately.  We have had a few playgroups and he's anxious to get up and go!  That way he can run away from other kids, when he steals their toys:)

So, I found this other cool website...called Swaptree...You can swap books, dvds and music.  You just pay the shipping.  I have listed all of my "wants"....but none of the "haves" yet...so I haven't done any swapping.  I'll let you know.

And I just discovered Matilda Jane.....so cute!  Look at all these photos..I love them!!  I love the style!  I really have to start working at my sewing machine...I would love to make some childrens clothing...Hats too!!
I absolutely love the ruffles on the pants!  Is it wrong that I wish they made little girls clothing in my size???  I just love all patterns and bright colors.   I use to have pink light up sneakers from Sugar, only a few years back!...The kids at the daycare where I worked loved them:)  They thought I was the coolest Pre-K teacher ever!  I have to find another pair of those!!!

So, does anyone else like ETSY????  I could stay on that website for hours!.......it's just awesome!  All handmade art/crafts...everything you could imagine.  And all the beautiful bags!  And Amy Butler fabric--luv that too:)  If anyone is thinking a Christmas gift for me--Amy Butler fabric off of ebay...is a cheap and easy gift:)...or a spa vacation in Sicily???

Well,,....it's off to bed for this tired Mama.
Peace to everyone on this rainy eve:)

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