31 October 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween to everyone!!  What a beautiful day!  Crazy weather, it was almost too hot for the babies to be in their costumes!   Took them around the street in their wagon.  They weren't too impressed yet.  Next year will be more fun for them.  They just looked so cute though!!  My daughter is a total ham...I couldn't believe she was actually posing for me!!.....I had a smile and everything.  My son did pretty good too!  Despite the poor little guy never gets any sleep:(  We figured out he might have to get ear tubes......at least now we know why he is up so much.  But, he just started walking, which is AWesome!!!

Well, no really great coupon deals this week....I've just been too tired to put in the energy:(  Any extra time has been spent trying to catch up on household stuff....

So, on to the next holiday....the winter can be exhausting sometimes.....it's just one holiday after another.
Next is turkey day....

Wish I had time to do some of my artwork to post on here.  But, hanging out with my babies is so much more fun.....and pretty soon they will off in school and I'll be missing them like crazy....God I can't even think about that...it makes me sad and scared, I don't want them to go to school...or anywhere--I want them to always be with me..where I know they are safe!!!!

There she goes again!!!  She's always trying to escape:)

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