14 October 2009

Anyhow, here we are at the park again.   We love coming here and watching all the people/dogs and horses go by:)
With the upcoming season starting....baking becomes a necessity:)
Here is a cool baking website/blog you have to check out!  She is called bakerella--check out this pumpkin pie bite recipe--ohhhhh so good.  Can't wait to check it out around Turkey day:)

Also, MoneySavingMom-- a pretty cool website all about the coupon thing.  I've been doing great figuring out all the deals, but WOW--it's a lot of work!! Between cutting everything and organizing it....and planning the grocery list.  I have no time for anything else!  But it's worth it.  I bought $80 worth of stuff in CVS the other day for $15bucks!!! Yep, 3 packs of diapers/baby motrin/tylenol/poland springs water...tylenol for me..pretty cool:)

Just going through my cool website list.
Here is one--Hidden Door--they make hidden doors in your house...AWESOME!!! I so wish I could hire them!!!  I want a secret passage..like you wouldn't even believe.  I always wanted a wardrobe, like in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe!!  And this would be super-cool----someday I WILL have one:)
And here is a Polaroid website..in French.  But, I love French and Polaroid...so it's a great combination!!!

Polaroid transfers and emulsion lifts have always been my thing....I'll have to scan some in and post them!  They are so beautiful!! They look like paintings!  AHH I just love that style....Can't wait until I can get some studio time to get some done....I have way to many to catch up on!

Well...time to get some sleep:)
Hopefully, if the stars all align and no one is sick--a kids Halloween party on Friday.
My daughter will be a flower and my son a dragon:)
Bought them 2nd hand...so not much creativity this year.  Can't wait till I have the time to make them.  2 little ladybirds...one red and one blue:)  My 2 little ladybirds....luv them!!!!!

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